What Patty's clients are saying


"She is AMAZING!"

Since my first meeting with Patty about her supporting me throughout my labor experience I felt an instant sincere connection. Her presence and her vibe was absolutely amazing. I have very bad anxiety and she made sure that all of that energy was gone by the time those contractions hit. She got to know all my likes and dislikes and what helps comfort me best. Patty constantly checked up on me to make sure I was doing okay and if I had any questions she would always answer them and that eased me a lot. The day before I went into labor Patty came to visit me at my home and as I was having contractions she would gently massage my back to help ease the pain and guide me into breathing through the contractions.The next day around 3 am I was having more frequent contractions. I immediately texted to let Patty know what was going on and I promise you she replied in less than 3 minutes with advice on what I should do at the moment. Patty was also ready to go and let me know she would be on her way as soon as I was ready for her to come. She arrived a hour and a half later, on my timing, and immediately helped guide me through each contraction. We used the birthing ball, massages, walking, ice and hot packs, but the best part of all was the PEPPERMINT COLD CLOTH that she placed across my chest. She prayed for me and helped relieve my anxiety a lot. In the hospital she was extremely helpful. Patty stayed by my side the entire time. I have very low pain tolerance and although the contractions were a bit painful she helped me manage them extremely well. I had the most beautiful, amazing birth experience ever. She is AMAZING! I recommend that everyone use her services.  She is the absolute best and has such a beautiful spirit.    -Aaliyah  

"Patty stayed positive throughout the forty hours of labor!"

Words cannot express how much we appreciated Patty's support and advice during the months leading up to, and most importantly, on our dear daughter's birthday. Patty stayed positive throughout the forty hours of labor and always knew what to do, whether it was applying pressure to the right pressure points or fetching those juices from the cafeteria. If any potential client would like to talk with me, I would be happy to give Patty a glowing reference!    -Carter  

"She was extremely positive, calming, and super encouraging!"

We've been fortunate to have Patty with us throughout my pregnancy and labor/delivery. This was my first baby, and throughout my pregnancy, Patty has been an amazing resource as well as support system. She was extremely positive, calming, and super encouraging with all the decisions I made throughout this experience. I had planned on an unmedicated birth and Patty prepared us completely for that. I was extremely focused and confident, especially with Patty on our team! My labor didn't go exactly as planned--my water broke first and contractions hadn't started on their own, so I was induced. I labored on pitocin for hours (12+) without pain medication and I owe this all to Patty. We were truly in sync when it came down to riding the intense contractions. I was very focused and calm, and Patty was great in helping me change positions, applying counter pressure, and utilizing a hot rice bag and essential oils to keep me grounded. All I remember through the labor was Patty's quiet, soothing voice telling me that I could do it! Thank you again, Patty!!! 

"She was always on time and responsive to emails."

I am so excited to write this review, because my birth experience with our son Owen was absolutely wonderful!  Having Patty as a main part of my birth team, undoubtably contributed to us having the natural birth experience that we desired.  I am also lucky to have a super supportive and hands on husband too.  I found Patty at 34ish weeks and had prepared myself with a natural childbirth class, and lots of books and info, but I was still very anxious about the whole birth process, which led us to adding Patty to our  team. A doula is a priceless addition to any birth team, and Patty is one of the kindest and most positiive people I have ever met.  I cannot recommend Patty enough.  Her positive energy pulled me through my natural birth, and she was amazing at adapting to me and my husband's needs both before and after the birth.  Patty gave us a lot of great ideas to help build confidence and help me to relieve pain naturally.  Patty was available without being intrusive, unfailingly encouraging and super knowledgeable without judgement.  I felt empowered and focused my entire birth, and she helped me with that.  A big plus too:  She was always on time, and responsive to emails . After the birth, my husband said he was so happy to have Patty's support as well, and really appreciated her presence during the birth of our son.   Patty's presence during this life changing moment made me feel a lifelong connection with her. 

- Laura

"She was by my side the whole way."

Patty was so helpful during my labor and even before going into active labor, she was by my side the whole way. She made sure I was able to get comfortable by bringing her scents and also massaging my back for me. She helped me with breathing techniques.  She made sure I had something to drink and  that I had everything that I needed. She was there to help me breastfeed by helping my son latch on. Even after she left to go back home she made sure I  was feeling good and my son was doing well. I'm glad I had her by my side during my son's entry into the world. 


"She was thoroughly supportive through every step"

I love Patty!  She helped us in the later stages of pregnancy in the form of prenatal meetings, as well as during and post labor.  Her advice and knowledge were so important to us in building a birth plan and making decisions for our daughter's first hours of life.  During labor and delivery, Patty felt like family.  She was thoroughly supportive through every step. Her warmth and kind energy were so calming.  We had a wonderful birth experience and Patty was a key part of it.  If we are blessed with another pregnancy, we hope to hire Patty again.  I would not hesitate to recommend her doula services to anyone. Patty is a beautiful and caring person and a wonderful doula.                -Hannah  

"Patty is absolutely great!"


"My family and I loved her!"

Patty was absolutely great! My family and I loved her.  Her personality is one that anyone can get along with her.  She was there for me through phone and text messages weeks before my due date. She stood by my side during my whole labor process and gave me the encouragement I needed to have an unmedicated birth.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula. Her prices are also very reasonable. -Sangeeta

"She is an amazing woman!"

The entire time I worked with Patty I felt at ease.  She helped me prepare and I felt ready even though I was going through one of the craziest experiences of my life.  When she came to the hospital to meet up with me I felt as if I had a second mom in the room with me. As this being my first baby it ended up being a long night, but she continued to stand by my side and coach me to deliver my beautiful baby boy.  I was so incredibly blessed to have Patty as my doula, anyone would be.  She is an amazing woman!! Thank you!!  -Adriana

"Patty is fantastic!"

Patty is fantastic!! The morning I went into labor, I reached out to Patty fairly early to ask a question about coping with pain and she got back to me right away.  From there on she stayed in contact until she finally met us at our house.  She was such a great help in keeping me focused and in coping with the pain.  Even after we got to the hospital and the decision was made to get an epidural, it was so great to have her there. My husband was more comfortable leaving the room or even sneaking in a nap at one point, because Patty was there if I was in need of anything! She was such a great support for not only myself, but for my husband.  She even checked in on us after the birth to see how we were doing.  I would definitely recommend Patty.  She was great!  - Zabrina

"Any family that works with Patty is sure to thrive!"

Patty played a significant role in my son's first six weeks at home, and I attribute his now joyful, happy disposition to the warmth, love and nurturing she provided to him during that critical time.  I hired Patty to provide postpartum doula services to help me when I brought my adopted son home from the hospital.  Full transparency--my son was born addicted to opioids and the doctors insisted that after I brought him home, holding and nurturing him was a significant factor in helping to alleviate his pain and recover.   Patty did all of that, and more.  I would come home to hear her singing to him , rocking him and finding creative ways to love and soothe him. In addition to that, she also did anything she could to help keep the house and his room clean and in order-laundry, bottles, dishes- without me having to ask.  She also taught me how to be the mother I wanted to be, with tips on how to calm him, and how to calm myself when I felt my patience was being tested.  I cannot say enough good things about her, and any family that works with Patty is sure to thrive.

- Kristin