What people are saying about Nancy


"She is a patient, giving, passionately caring woman."

I have never met another woman who possesses ALL the qualities Nancy has and is. Her core is built on her love and trust in God and she gives of herself, unselfishly. Whether it is caring for the elderly, picking up food for a food bank, passing on love to orphan girls in Columbia, or just giving emotional support to her friends, she is unconditionally giving. She is open and honest in who she is as a woman, and is incredibly accepting of all people. She is nonjudgmental, incredibly empathetic and very supportive to all types of individuals. She provides a quiet, calming strength that gives people support to keep moving forward. If the world was full of her, we would be in a much better world!       -Kimi

"Nancy will bring great comfort and happiness to both expecting and new parents."

I wanted to reach out to express how excited I am to hear of Nancy joining the team at Bloom Doula! How fitting that this extraordinary woman would find a way to give back to developing families. Nancy is such a kind, caring and passionate individual who has done an amazing job bringing along her own amazing daughter. Over the years I have watched Nancy’s gentle, calm and patient ways nurture and inspire not only her own daughter, but all those around her. Her willingness to help and serve people from all walks of life is a testament to Nancy’s generous and caring character. Nancy will bring great comfort and happiness to both expecting and new parents that have the pleasure of working with her!  -Michael