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Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Support and Childbirth Education

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Support and Childbirth Education Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Support and Childbirth Education

What Maria's clients are saying


"I would highly recommend Maria"

I would highly recommend Maria as a doula for any woman who is planning to have a natural birth. When we were having our first baby, we decided to have a natural birth. Like most first time parents we were clueless on what to expect, how the labor process works and what options we have to deliver our baby. After doing some research online we decided to attend a natural birth class, which we found extremely beneficial for first time parents. During the class our teacher recommended having a Doula during the labor process to help ease our anxiety and to make the experience a positive one. After talking to a couple other professionals we decided to set up a meeting with Maria. She was very welcoming and comforting during our meeting. She explained how she will be there to help us and what kind of support she will provide. Her schedule was very flexible; she even had a back up doula on hand in case she would not be able to come when my labor starts. She was very responsive, always answered my texts even in the middle of the night. We decided to have her meet us in the hospital after my labor started and have her be there to make sure everything will go according to our birth plan. She was very calming and comforting during my labor. She communicated very well with the nurses and doctors to make sure we were following our plan to have a natural labor. Luckily everything went well and we delivered our beautiful daughter without any complications. Overall we had a great experience and we highly recommend Maria’s services for women who are planning to have a natural birth.    -Nikolet

"I attribute my calm, natural birth experience to Maria!"

During my pregnancy, I suffered from bad anxiety so I decided that I wanted to look for a birth doula to help in calming me at the time of delivery. After meeting with a few doulas, I immediately knew that Maria was the right doula for me because she was so calming and positive to be around. During our first two sessions, she really took the time to get to know me and focused in on my needs and concerns. She also provided me with valuable tools that I used during labor such as deep breathing tips. When my water broke at 12:30 in the morning on May 20th, even though Maria lived an hour and a half from my hospital, she made sure that she met me at the hospital on time and stayed in close contact with me on the phone while my husband drove me to the hospital. That was so comforting to me. She was very attentive during my labor, helping me use the shower as a pain relief source and providing me with a healthy granola bar to help sustain my energy. Maria also knew when to give me my space and let me labor quietly with my husband, all the while coming back into the room to let me know that she was there. I really attribute my calm natural birth experience to Maria. She was such a comfort to both my husband and me.   -Jennifer

"Aside from being incredibly knowledgeable she is also calming..."

Working with Maria was by far the best decision I made for my labor & delivery! I wanted to have a natural birth, but given that this was my first pregnancy and I didn't know anyone who had previously had an unmedicated birth, naturally I needed a lot of guidance. Maria was the perfect person to prepare me for natural childbirth and to support my physically and emotionally throughout the process. Aside from being incredibly knowledgeable, she is also incredibly calming and supportive and works with you leading up to your birth to understand which comfort measures work best for you so that she can be as effective as possible in the support she provides. I interviewed quite a few doulas early in my pregnancy, and Maria was leagues above everyone I spoke to in terms of her pricing/value, her demeanor and her level of expertise. I knew as soon as I met her that she would be the doula for us! I will absolutely hire her again for baby #2 in the future and HIGHLY recommend her to other moms, whether this is your first birth or your tenth. She is absolutely fantastic and is someone I now consider a friend!  -Dara

"She has a beautiful, loving, calming spirit."

Maria was such a Great BIG help and played one of the most important roles throughout my entire labor experience which was AMAZING. She met with me a couple weeks prior to discuss all comfort measures that I would like to ease me during labor. The day I first met with her she had such a beautiful and loving and calming spirit. I have extreme anxiety and just with her calm vibes it made me feel secure.  Before going into labor we had a plan set in stone which was for me to stay home as long as possible in my own comforting environment until the pain was too intense and that is exactly what happened. The day going into labor was so beautiful and went so smoothly. I started having frequent contractions around 3 am and she was guiding me through things to do until she got here. When she arrived we starting walking, switching positions, using massage tools, the birthing ball and things that helped soothe me but also helped me dilate. The same things continued upon entering the hospital. She guided me through each contraction and prayed over me. When I was hot she would fan me with the portable fan with water mist she had. There was meditation soothing music playing in the background. I had lollipops and lemon ice to give me a boost of energy. It was absolutely amazing. Maria was right by my side as I was pushing, fanning me, which helped me give me energy and strength to push. The reward of seeing my daughter's face was priceless. After my baby arrived Maria stayed  and was still being a huge support. My overall birthing experience was GREAT ! Maria was a big help to me and my boyfriend who was along my side as well.  Because of how severe my anxiety is I didn't ever picture doing this well and because of her guidance I forgot what the word anxiety was. Maria is a blessing to me and my family.    -Aaliyah

"Maria was that perfect, calming support to have in the labor room"

I recently had a baby and chose to hire Maria as my doula. From the moment we met I could tell her heart was in the right place and that she had found her life's calling. She was very interested in getting to know me, my family and my birth plan. Time spent with us was never as issue. When my labor started, we were text messaging often and she was giving me tips along the way. She offered to labor with me at home but labor is very long with me and told her to rest up and meet me at the hospital when the time comes. I think it was around 2am when I called Maria to tell her that I was ready to go to the hospital. She spoke with me kindly and patiently and told me she would meet me. She was so helpful and supportive. I am so happy I chose to hire her. My mom and mother in law are deceased and I have no siblings, Maria was that perfect calming support to have in the labor room with me. Maria's advice helped me to labor unmedicated and have the birth that I wanted. Afterwards she even came to visit my family after we were settled at home. I highly recommend Maria!  She is terrific! -Diana

"She was right by my side ... through every contraction"

I wound highly recommend Maria as a doula. She was very easy to talk to from the start. We knew from the first meeting that she was the doula we wanted to hire. I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and have a natural birth at the hospital. Things changed when I experienced vision problems and a headache very early in labor and went to the hospital. Maria came to meet us in the hospital shortly after we arrived Saturday morning and didn't leave my side until after the birth of our daughter Sunday afternoon. She slept on a chair next to my hospital bed for the few hours we both could rest early Sunday morning.  After a long labor full of complications I never expected, I delivered a baby girl vaginally early Sunday afternoon. Maria helped me have a wonderful labor and delivery despite the unforeseen complications we experienced and I don't think I would have that type of labor without her. We are so thankful!    -Rebecca 

"I immediately felt comforted by her warm presence."


"She listened with an open heart and non judgment and was able to put my fears at ease."

When I met Maria, I immediately felt comforted by her warm presence. It was therapeutic to share with her my personal fears of childbirth and motherhood. She listened with an open heart and non judgment and was able to put my fears at ease.  She has a special gift of evoking your inner goddess. I felt confident with my journey towards motherhood. I felt especially at ease with Maria as my doula since I was alone during the later part of my pregnancy. My husband was deployed in the Middle East and my family lived in another state. I had a lot of anxiety, but she made me feel nurtured and cared for. She was the very positive, caring female presence in a time when I needed it the most. During labor, Maria helped by suggesting certain positions for comfort to ease the sensations I was feeling. I felt supported and cared for. Overall I had the most positive birth experience I could have hoped for. Thank you, Maria. You’ll forever be a fond memory of my beautiful journey to motherhood.  -Stephanie

"She has a very calming way about her."

After having a few horrible experiences with an OB I had horrible anxiety about birth. I decided I wanted a natural childbirth with a midwife and a doula. I talked to a couple doulas but couldn't seem to find the right match. A friend recommended Maria and as soon as my husband and I met her we knew she was the right one! Every time we met with Maria I felt super calm and confident. She has a very calming way about her. My labor was very long and tiring. I had times that I wanted to give up, but Maria kept reminding me that I was doing it and that I could keep going. She was right by my side the entire time helping me through each contraction and keeping me calm. She is a big part of what made my natural birthing experience so great. I will definitely have her again for my next babies!    -Amanda

"Maria is wonderful and will be there for you in your most vulnerable without judgment."

Maria is an old friend of ours and when we heard she was pursuing being a doula, we were more than excited! She has such a motherly, caring spirit that is necessary for a doula. I was pregnant with my first at the time. I had a home birth and she was prompt to our home when we called her around 4am. She sat with me throughout early and active labor. She massaged my hands and forearms with arnica oil and reheated the rice sock for my back. She helped me breathe and focus and I'm positive that is what helped my labor progress quickly. Maria is wonderful and will be there for you in your most vulnerable without judgement. I will never forget how she helped me during the birth of my daughter!    -Presley

"Maria was a wonderful part of our son's birth."

Maria was a wonderful part of our son's birth. She was on-call for my regular doula so when she drove to my house late at night, we had never even met. But it didn't feel that way when she stepped right in to help. Our birth didn't all go as planned due to my son's positioning but Maria helped my husband and I through several hours of intense labor at home and then, when things got dicey at the hospital, remained a support for my mom and my husband. She even waited with my mom in the waiting room for hours, while I was in recovery. Her post-partum visit felt more like a visit with a friend rather than doula/client!    -Kate

"I honestly don't know what I would have done without her!"

Oh, how Maria was such a blessing; my pregnancy was the toughest experience of my life. Dealing with a seizure disorder, depression and the fact that I had no family made it so hard for me to even want to go through with the pregnancy let alone keep my son. When I met Maria she gave me not only a friend, but she became family. She helped me realize that I am not alone, not only with her,  but with God as well. I learned that no matter the mistakes I made, God has blessed me with this child. Maria helped me deal with my epilepsy by helping me manage my stress and always having an open ear. She was always on call. When the day came for my labor, Maria made my labor experience so easy & calming that I honestly wouldn't mind doing it all over again! She prepared me, taught me all the techniques I needed and gave me the confidence I needed to have a successful delivery. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. I love her so dearly and I love my healthy baby boy. Thank you so much!   -Nodasia

"Maria's support in both the prenatal phase and delivery was invaluable!"

Maria's support in both the prenatal phase and delivery was invaluable!  For a variety of reasons I chose an elective induction with early epidural and Maria supported me in this choice.  On delivery day Maria was a calming influence, reminded me to breathe through the contractions and encouraged my husband to help too.  While my delivery was super smooth, and over just over 2hrs after Maria joined me at the hospital, it was comforting knowing she was there in the event that things did not go so well.    -Kelly 

"Maria was by my side the whole time."


"My husband and I immediately clicked and felt comfortable with Maria."

After meeting with other Doulas, my husband and I immediately clicked and felt comfortable with Maria. The others felt like salesmen that didn't quite have our best interest at heart. Maria, on the other hand, was warm, kind and experienced. She immediately made us feel that a VBAC was possible and I felt as though I had a level of support that I missed out on during my first pregnancy.Speaking of support, Maria drove all the way to my house (it was a hike for her) and made sure that she was by my side when I thought that I was in early labor. She made me feel comfortable about needing her help, which is hard to find. When we eventually made it to the hospital she beat my husband and I there and even came down to help us with our bags and our toddler.During labor and delivery, Maria was by my side the whole time. She made sure I was comfortable and provided assistance in getting our baby delivered naturally. She always looked out for our best interest and helped ensure that our birth plan was followed. Its hard to put a price on the piece of mind that she was able to give us. My husband was busy running around with our son when we first got to the hospital so having Maria there was incredibly helpful. The bottom line - Maria is amazing! I set out to have a successful VBAC (without medical intervention) and did it, with her help. That speaks for itself. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and I hope to have her with me again in future pregnancies. -Paige

She is very patient, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, informative and full of positive energy!"

My husband and I were very lucky to have met someone like Maria Vesper. In our experiences with her, she was very patient, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, informative, and full of positive energy. She guided us throughout the birth of our daughter and was such an essential part of the support team. She provided us with information, answered all of our questions, encouraged and supported me through my contractions and aided my husband in helping me as well. In the weeks leading up to my delivery, she kept in communication with me and heloed me develop a birth plan. She worked with us to help me to stay at home as long as possible and helped me to try different positions and use tools to manage pain until my contractions were consistent and progressing enough to head to the hospital. At the hospital, she worked alongside the doctors and nurses to suggest and helo me to implement pain relief without the use of drugs. She also kept both of our families informed of the progress in the delivery room. Both my husband and I are truly grateful for her services and for making my birthing experience a positive one.   -Rasika

She was a great help...patient and warm."

Maria was a great help prior to and during labor with our son.  She was patient and warm, helping with ideas and questions we could ask our healthcare providers.  Working with her helped us feel we did everything we could to bring our little one into the world the best way possible.  -Cindy

"Maria is a genuinely kind and caring person."

With this being our first pregnancy my husband and I had many questions, concerns, and fears and were considering taking some pregnancy preparation classes when a friend mentioned she was using a doula and referred us to Maria. After an initial consultation, we were impressed with her honest and comforting approach to labor and delivery and immediately knew that Maria was exactly the support for which we were looking. Her pre-birth prep sessions were personalized to our needs and really helped us understand what to expect and how to cope with labor. Maria also ensured that my husband was engaged through all of this and that his concerns were discussed and that he understood what his role could be.On the day of my delivery Maria was right there supporting me in every way possible. Maria is a genuinely kind and caring person, someone who is meant to be a doula. Her presence brought a true sense of calm and security and we are incredibly grateful to have had Maria at our side during this journey. We very much appreciated her keeping in touch after the birth to see how we’re doing and to offer any additional support or resources. Her guidance, education, and encouragement helped to make the birth of our daughter as safe, comfortable, and natural as possible. We truly enjoyed working with her and highly recommend Maria to anyone seeking the services of a doula.  -Anna

"Maria was our pillar throughout the labor process and made sure we were taken care of."

We hired Maria for her doula services and we couldn't have been happier. She was very informative, calming, and supportive throughout my pregnancy and labor. Maria was our pillar throughout the labor process and made sure we were both taken care of. Without Maria, my labor experience would have felt more traumatic and terrifying. Her calm demeanor and ability to work with me through the process was exactly what I needed, which led to a very positive birth experience. If I am pregnant again in the future, she will be the first to know/hired. -Gabriela

"She is passionate and informed, and very good at her job!"

Maria was my doula at the birth of my fifth baby. This was the first time that my husband and I had used a doula. You would think by number five you would be such a pro, there would be no need for any kind of assistance and extra help. The truth is, by number five I got wise enough to know what I really needed and wasn't trying to prove I was invincible and superwoman. 

Maria was professional. She met with us months in advance and we talked through our expectations and ideas and she listened and we talked through what her role and my husbands rolw during the birth would be. She explained so many things to us that I didn't know about how a doula is your advocate during the whole birth. Our son came five weeks early and I was about to be forty when we had him, there were also some concerns with my health and lots of reasons to be anxious...yet when Maria walked into the hospital room, she possessed poise and calm and confidence that were so welcoming and put me and my husband at ease. She was a tremendous support during and after my labor! I wish I had had her for all five births! I highly recommend hiring Maria as your doula. She is passionate and informed and very good at her job! She makes your job of focusing on having your baby a really great experience.  -Kim

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